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I've been in the apartment for way too long thanks to this rib injury. Had to get the hell out.

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not even the ones you think are closest to you. no one. no exceptions.


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"★░Clawz SG [Producer] Lille/France░★ is hosting our#045 Berlin Deep Selected Radioshow!!! He already had some great releases on labels like || Steyoyoke || InnerSymphony || ParquetRecordings II ...only to name a few. Thanks for including your unreleased Clawz SG material too!! Check his latest releases in attachment below♫! Love it? Just hit the Share or [Repost] ↻button so more people can hear it♫ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Informations about the artist: Soundcloud: Soundcloud: Facebook: Resident Advisor: Beatport: Bandcamp: Contact: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest Releases: ♫Clawz SG & Nick Devon – Syndicate (Township Rebellion Remix) [Steyoyoke] ♫Clawz SG – Perennial (Original Mix)[InnerSymphony] ♫Steyoyoke Gems Nocturnal 06 [Steyoyoke] ♫Steyoyoke Gems Solar 06 [Steyoyoke] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born in the city of Lille, Frenchman Clawz SG has been a devout electronic music enthusiast for a very long time. After many years of clubbing his passion naturally flourished, inspiring him to immerse himself even further into the music scene. It’s only recently however, that his name has started to circulate, becoming synonymous with the current Deep House and Melodic Techno sounds of today. Nevertheless, Clawz SG stays true to his roots and remains an old-school synth aficionado from way back, having collected an impressive selection of numerous analogue vintage synthesizers over the years. His ardour for producing was originally something he engaged in purely for himself and his friends, however after much support and encouragement he finally decided to take that final step, thus paving way for the birth of Clawz SG. His debut release with Parquet Recordings in 2014, was a significant mile stone clocking up two highly acclaimed collaborated tracks titled “Obvious” and “Abyss”. The success from Parquet 082 cemented a solid springboard for his musical art form and it opened the flood gates to a succession of accomplished releases. To date he has remixed and produced originals with a number of well-established labels, including TRAUM, Natura Viva, Inlab Recordings, Blendwerk, Save Us Records and Making You Dance Records. More immediately, his creative aspirations have compelled him to embark on a new and exciting phase of his career. 2016 sees him join the Steyoyoke Recordings family and already he has a debut release set to make its mark. “Sounds in Motion” is a finely polished all original four track EP, due out in April 2016. Nothing shy of a masterpiece, it directly reflects his internal profoundness and mirrors his necessity to express his personal sentiments with sound, when words do not suffice. Broadening his career will never change Claws SG’s deep-seated morals or values. He’s an individual with strong family ties, even dedicating an entire EP to his family and proudly upholds many noble attributes within all his professional connections, which assures lasting relationships and solid honest partnerships within the industry. With all these positive traits and artistic facets to boast, Clawz SG has definitely found kindred spirits in his alliance with the Steyoyoke family and 2016 is sure to throw his talents well and truly into the spotlight."



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"Soul Button - The Grand Factory Beirut, NYE 2018 (Live Recording)"

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"Download: Apple Store: Google Play: January’s Steyoyoke Radioshow arises with the help of Simon Sizer. Heavily associated with productions that consistently carry fresh forward thinking sounds, Simon Sizer shares with us some of the latest tracks from his current collection. Featuring a host of exceptional tracks from artists such as Tone Depth, Architectural, Bastinov together with his own productions “Aconit” and “Akna”, this radio show is an appropriate reflection of Simon Sizer’s affinity with techno, melodic driven music."

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"Live recording of Ran Salman Back2Back Ofer Holtzman (ECORHYTHM) at The Block Tel Aviv for Deeper & Beat Boutique Records 3rd Anniversary"

When you stumble upon the greatest cover band ever.


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