I'm Creating An Alias: "Ed Vedra"

After a lot of thinking and coming up with a lot of bad ideas - I've finally come up with a DJ / Producer alias that isn't my own name. Well, kinda. The name is...

Ed Vedra.

Photos don't do it justice. It has to be seen in person.

Why Start An Alias?

Puns: Well, it's a play on words and who doesn't like a pun DJ name?

Focus: I've felt that I needed to come up with an alias so that I can fully commit to crafting a brand and sticking to a style of music directly associated with it. I'm all over the place with music under 'Ed Santiago' and so using this alias will help me focus my energy into one area while I get more serious about DJ'ing and producing. 'Ed Santiago' is free to produce or DJ anything and everything, but 'Ed Vedra' will stick to a familiar and distinct sound (as described in the next section).

Ease of Recognition: I often have a hard time describing to other DJ/Producers or event owners / promoters what exactly my 'Ed Santiago' sound is. This might have prevented me in the past from securing gigs: If I can't confidently communicate to someone that might book me what exactly my 'sound' is, then how can I expect them to want to book me? I feel that by establishing and growing this alias, I can clearly define that 'sound' and effectively communicate it.

Taking a selfie facing the sun with no sunglasses on with my back facing the edge of 100 ft. high cliff. Great idea, Ed.

What Will 'Ed Vedra' Sound Like?

The style of 'Ed Vedra' will float around anything like lazy daytime Balearic vibes or music heard on the All Day I Dream label, or whatever you might hear if you tune into Ibiza Sonica or Ibiza Global Radio on most afternoons – to the more 'tribal' and percussion-heavy tech-house style of Stereo Productions, or driving progressive / tribal found with Bedouin, atish, or Guy J, etc. which tends to feature more 'organic' and ethnic / cultural sounds.

I'm confident I'll be able to carve out my own distinct sound within that range.

Es Vedra as seen from Cala D'Hort.

When Can I Start Hearing Material By 'Ed Vedra'?

Over the next couple weeks (from April 2, 2018), I'll begin forming the social media presence and moving over some music that I've already produced under my own name to under the new moniker.

Expect to see regular DJ live-streams or podcast episodes appear on social media that will feature selections that I feel represent the sound of 'Ed Vedra' I am looking to establish. I'll begin producing original music that fits that sound as well, so expect that to begin showing up in the coming weeks and months.

Isn't There Already An 'Ed Vedra'?

There's only one track in all of Beatport by an artist already named Ed Vedra, and that's not me. One track by a name already thought of isn't enough to stop me from taking it. So i'm using it now.

Where Can I Follow 'Ed Vedra'?

The profiles are currently blank since I only just secured the handles, and I'll be working on branding and populating them with content soon.

  • Website (TBD)

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